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5 Experimental Recipes With Urad Dal Papad

Udad dal papad recipe

Papad is not a dish. It is an emotion. There was a time when Indian households used to have charpoys filled with crisp papadum drying on them. But, as the times have been changing, people prefer to buy ready-made ones from shops. There are various flavours of papads made of rice or urad dal. Today, we shall focus on urad dal papad and the fun experiments we can do with them and make some lip-smacking dishes to serve the guests. Papad is needed as a side dish with every meal to get a crunch in every bite. DNV Foods offers an ample variety of papad flavours to enhance your dish.

5 Experiments with Urad Dal Papad:

  • Masala Papad:

    When we enter the restaurant with our family we often order for masala papad to tingle our taste buds before we dig into the main course. For people who are clueless about masala papads, they are called the “desi crispy pizza” which includes diced veggies, lemon, coriander and chaat masala. Sounds mouthwatering right? You can even try and make it in your homes.

  • Papad Paneer Ke Kurkure:

    Instead of bread crumbs try using papad crumbs as a crispy coating to your paneer appetizer. The papad can be mixed in red chilly powder to give a slight buzz to your taste buds.

  • Papad Poha:

    This is a treat for pure Jains who want something new for their breakfast or snack time. The same recipe as the normal poha minimising the onions is a perfect delight to the taste buds.

  • Papad Churi:

    Who knew that papad churi (crumbs) could be so tasty by just having it alone as a dish. People also use various dishes like dal chawal, khichdi to add a crunch to every bite.

  • Stuffed Papad Paratha:

    If you want a new variation in your paratha, try making papad stuffing for amazing taste and crispiness. Try making this easy peasy recipe on the occasion and serve it with chutney or raita.


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