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Appalam Papad- The Crunch That You Cannot Resist!

Appalam Papad online

Do you know what is common in all cultures when we come across in our Indian subcontinent? Known for different names, with different textures, we share a common crunch!

It is famously known as Papad in northern India, and Appalam and Papadam in south India. Now the brain poses a question, “Is there a difference?” “Yes, there is!”

Papad is considered and eaten as a snack in north India, sprinkled with chat masala or chilly powder to twist the taste. It all depends upon your taste; you can either have it before or after the meal. It is made of gram flour with the usual pepper in it.

How Appalam is Different from Papad?

Now when we talk about Appalam, it is not a snack. In South India, it is eaten in entirety with the whole meal, of rasam, and rice, sometimes crunched all over it, sometimes put in the middle of the leaf and eaten along with it.

It is made of Urad Dal Flour and comes in a lot of variations, like rice Appalam, Aralu Sandige! Appalam expands twice in size and has a long shelf life of 15 months.

Now, let’s unfold the Magical and Miraculous Value of its one Key Ingredient that makes Appalam its taste and stature in South Indian culture!

The Key Ingredient!

It is the presence of Cissus Quadrangularis, also known as Veldt Grape or Devil’s Backbone. It has great medicinal value that makes it no issues if you end up eating loads of Appalam in one go! It helps heal broken bones and when made into thick fried chutney, it helps in solving issues of indigestion, joint pains, and irregular menses. It is a great blood sugar leveller, calcium booster, and can be taken for coughs and colds. This is one of the reasons Appalam stands out in comparison with other papads. Healthy with its crunchy taste!

Also, talking about Cissus Quadrangular is, you can easily plant a fresh segment of the vine in the pot or in the ground. Water it regularly till you find leaves coming out of it and rest it will take care of itself and grow in a beautiful vine.

Let’s talk about Appalam Papad’s Ingredients!

The major ingredients of the Appalam Papad are Urad Dal, Rice Flour, Salt, Edible Veg. Oil. They come in varying sizes and are quite popular across the length and breadth of the country.

Now that we have given you the ingredients, in case you do not find the time to do the hustle, you can get it online from the ever famous Appalam manufacturers and online stores. Here is a recommendation! A fine and trusted recommendation!

DNV provides Appalam Papad with premium quality! The spices and the ingredients used are completely pure and natural. Exclusively handmade by highly skilled women, DNV takes care of FSSAI certification as all the regulations are kept in mind. And it is best available for four months after the date of manufacturing!

Appalam Papad comes with a uniqueness that is healthy with every crunch. It is also amazing how it is connected with the larger story of making Papadums popular through the length and breadth of this country. It is a must-try and especially when it comes to having it with rasam and rice!

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