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Different Types of DNV Papad For Different Occasions

types of papad

The importance of the Indian Papad has grown beautifully in our Indian households. It completes the Indian sumptuous meal or gives the much-added crunch to your evening snack. You don’t notice its absence until you are craving for something light and crunchy at the same time. Given the variety of occasions we find ourselves in, it is not surprising that we have different types of Papad. There is a unique variety of papads that taste different, giving the punch and crunch according to the mood of the celebration. That’s the beauty of Indian Cuisines and Papad, we have a variety of it! Let’s explore them one by one.

Papad For An Ordinary Day

There is a way to celebrate the ordinariness of your life.DNV Foods Chana Masala Papad helps you do that. It is a simple Chana and Urad Dal Papad, with a bit of red chilly and shah jeera to give an extraordinary touch to your ordinary day.

Papad for Adding a Bit of Healthy Touch

DNV Cumin Sabudana Papad has ingredients like pure milk of tapioca tuber, rice, cumin & salt. When you need to add some healthiness to your crunch, this papad comes to your table. With medicinal value, Cumin Sabudana Papad keeps you hale and hearty.

Papad To Give A Fancy Touch To Your Meal

DNV Green Chilli Flavor Papad is thin disc-shaped papad that can give a fancy touch to your get-together meal that you have prepared for your friends and family. It is prepared with sago and with rock salt and rice.

Papad For Memorable Evenings

DNV Garlic Papad has a natural Garlic flavor. This makes it a perfect fit for evenings when you want to celebrate it with ting and punch of garlic in a healthy, gluten-free form. It tastes best when fried and you can have these add-ons while enjoying a fun game night or movie session with your family.

Papad for Spicy Meals

DNV Punjabi Masala Papad brings the flavor of hing, black pepper. It is basically made from Urad Dal and brings the taste of a much-needed spicy flavour that’s cherished by those who love high spice in their food.

Papad For the Great Sumptuous Dinner

With the great premium quality, DNV Shahi Masala Papad has, it fits in your menu when you are hosting an important dinner for business or for important occasions. Made out of the first quality Moong Dal, Urad Dal, Javitri, Jaiphal, it has a first-class quality of flavourful spices.

Papad for your Fasts

Fasts are always around the corner and DNV’s Sabudana Papad can be consumed during your snacks. Made from Sabudana granules, it is quite tasty and yummy as you eat it after sprinkling it with chaat masala on top.

Papad for refreshing your mood

It is a perfect snack for setting a refreshing mood as DNV Mint Sabudana Papad has a natural mint flavor. It tastes best with the burst of amazing flavors it provides.

So, this is just some of the variety we have for you. DNV Food makes sure you have papads that suit your taste buds along with the mood, occasion, and the time when you want to have it. One of the most amazing experiences of life sometimes lies in the right crunch.

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