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Infused Flavours of Sabudana Papad

Sabudana Papad

After having a long day at work and your stomach craving to snack on something tasty, the wide variety of DNV Sabudana Papad makes you want to have more. Tasting Sabudana Papads is like tasting the different crunches that you won’t have to miss. There are several flavors of Sabudana Papad that DNV has to offer to you.

DNV Sabudana Papad:  A perfect snack that you can consume during your fasts. It is made from the finest Sabudana granules and needs to be fried before having it. It expands on frying and tastes best when sprinkled with chaat masala.

DNV Cumin Sabudana Papad: It has major ingredients like pure milk, rice, cumin and salt that gives medicinal and earthly tones to it.  Each crunch is a delight. Generally served as a side while having a main course, it makes the meal wholesome.

DNV Garlic Sabudana Papad: It makes for a perfect evening celebration. Made with the best of sabudana and rice, it has a natural Garlic flavor that helps you to explore the burst of amazing flavors with crunchy bite.

DNV Green Chili Sabudana Papad: It is a thin disc-shaped snack food prepared with sago and rock salt, and rice. The savoring natural green chili makes your meal complete in every way with simple and saughted chilliness.

DNV Mint Sabudana Papad: A perfect snack that has a natural mint flavor. It can be a great appetizer for coriander, chutneys, biryanis and curries- giving different blends of tasteful flavors.

DNV Kasuri Methi Sabu Papad: You should not pass up the unique pairing of Kasuri Methi and Sabu Dana. Kasuri Methi Sabudana papads is well-known for being a calorie-dense cuisine with plenty of carbohydrates; nevertheless, it also contains necessary nutrients such as fibers, proteins, and calcium, which aid in digestion, muscle growth, bone and joint strength, and bone and joint health.  But we can have cheat days and eat it fried! This flavored papad adds a unique touch to your snack list which shall bring a smile on everyone’s face.

DNV Onion Sabudana Papad: It is a perfect snack for evening celebrations. With the onion taste teeming from its crunch, it becomes your go-to appetizer while having meals or before starting your snack.

DNV Red Chilli Papad: It is made with sabudana and rice tastes best when fried. With pure milk of tapioca tuber, rice and red chilli & salt, explore the burst of amazing flavors with each crunchy bite. As you end up tasting the different types of Sabudana papads, you will have the chance to have the best while enjoying the meal with your friends and folks at the same time.

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