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Know about DNV’s Appalam Papad

Appalam Papad

Know about DNV’s Appalam Papad

When one talks about a prominent Indian savory snack that is famous for munching while having meals-it is PAPAD. Let’s talk about the most relished flavor of papad in the southern region of India. The one and only Appalam Papad!

It first originated in 1915, in a small village of Triplicane in South India, when Aiyappan, a young man in the face of poverty, helped make poppadoms with his mother. Soon, Appalams were added to the menu as Aiyappan’s venture started attracting attention for its delicate taste. Now, this papad is a favorite among the locals and runs through the generations for its legacy. It’s one of the oldest flavors of papad. Now you know why they say old is gold.

This takes a prominent spot in the Indian savory snack that can be crunched before, while having, or at the end of a meal, gives us the satisfaction of eating. The perfect add-on of taste to your taste buds. We often take its presence for granted because it is present everywhere – right from a roadside Dhaba to a high-end restaurant buffet, it can be seen everywhere, Why? Because no Indian Meal is complete without a perfect Papad.

Being one of the key players in the papad category, DNVFood Products has its own version of Appalam Papad; widely known as Pappadam in Kerala and Appalam in Tamil Nadu. While the taste resonates with its origin, it gets the twist with the change in hand, land, and a few secret ingredients.

DNV Foods is one of the few companies in India that provides 17 variations of Papads. Appalam is one of them. These Papads are made in the heart of Bikaner, which is known as the land of Papads. We bring the best of the flavors to munch and innovation of the culinary taste right before you. Top-quality Urad Dal, Rice Flour, asafoetida, flour, and refined salt are used to make DNV’s Appalam Papad. It is made with all-natural flavors. So when you look out for quality trusted brands, it is surely DNV. The blend of ingredients is so perfect that the Appalam Papad gives you the right crisp, right flavor, right satisfaction.

Be it your evening tea, preparation for your special guest, or festivities, DNV’s Appalam Papad makes its presence felt in its most endearing way. The papad can be consumed anywhere. When you wish to experience the fullest taste of Appalam Papad, have it with Rice. This Papad can be even snacked on. The idea of an ideal snack is that it does not diminish your hunger but also does not let hunger bother you till you have your meal. Appalam Papad does the job for you.

Best Ways to Munch it

With culinary skills, Appalam Papad can be used in a variety of ways. To mention a few, it would be:

Papad Potato Roll

You can bring a healthy twist of zingy flavor with boiled potatoes and boiled taro root and roll in it Appalam, giving it a crunch and a light snack for the evening.

Papad Paneer Ke Kurkure

With Paneer cut into small slices, you can topple it with Appalam, and give a squeeze of lemon, Chatpata Chat, black pepper and have it. It is simple and quite filling for the timer interval between two meals.

A salad of Appalam Papad with greens/Bruschetta Papad Seasoning

You can make your Desi Bruschetta and it can be fancy in its own way. With the seasoning of basic veggies, red-yellow capsicum with a bit of broccoli served on the sides, this crunch can be a blast of contradictory flavors for a perfect evening when you are too confused to munch on what!

Served with Soup and Thali

It can be easily consumed with soup or the main meal. It provides you with a zingy flavor, that gives you the munch as you’re eating it with an appetizer or in your main-course Thali.

If you have more ideas, share them with us! We would love to hear from you and expand our horizons of having Appalam in different ways. Hope you enjoy it and come back to us for more mouth-watering Papad savories.

We are sure till now you will be craving for Appalam.

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