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Ways to Enjoy Mustard Kasundi

Mustard Kasundi

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Mustard Kasundi has a pungent taste mainly used for Bengali dishes, sandwiches, wraps, vegetable marinades and you can even try it with snacks such as samosa, cutlet etc.  The uniqueness in the sauce adds up a certain zest to your taste buds and uplifts the dish you make. This is suitable for North East Indian dishes, popular Indian snacks, Bengali preparations where you can add coconut milk to give a traditional touch to the dish. Mustard kasundi refers to a sauce prepared by mixing first quality mustard seeds. This is a thick yellowish-brown paste with a sharp taste made from the ground seeds of a mustard plant. This pungent sauce is great for a bold taster and served in salad dressing.

Mustard Kasundi has been defined under the spices and condiments category. The thick creamy mustard sauce is quite versatile in its way and liked by people who can handle its strong flavour. It can be used in different forms – stir-fried, cooked or used as dips, spreads etc.

What Is Mustard Kasundi?

Mustard Kasundi has tangy spices and condiments which adds a zingy flavour to a variety of foods. Be rest assured that your sandwiches and hot dogs will taste much better with this product if you love something strong added to the yummy dish that you’re eating. If you aren’t very sure about this condiment, you can experiment by tasting a spoon of it. The yellow and red mustard seeds are grounded with a hint of sweetness. This is made with essential mustard seeds and other essential ingredients. It’s surely a power-packed combination that has the two-in-one quality of taste and health.

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There are amazing ways to eat your home-cooked meals with mustard kasundi. Let us see various unique ways to add this condiment to your dish.

  • Salad Dressing: Often we have a misconception of this sauce not being used anywhere other than sandwiches or marinades. The mustard sauce kasundi is an amazing blend with salad and the sauce. Try it! As A Veggie Topping: It may sound strange but the mustard sauce tastes delectable with Indian veggies, stir-fried or made in gravy. To add a little bit of heat to your dish, you can add this sauce to level up the food quality.
  • Toast: A perfect blend of making bruschetta with cheese and coriander leaves, topping it up with mustard dip.
  • Fries: If you want a healthy option go for sweet potato fries with mustard dip.
  • Burgers: Imagine you have a burger with caramelized veggies and mustard kasundi oozing out of the burger. How’s that? Try to relish it!
  • Mango Mustard Chutney: Have you ever experimented with mango & mustard kasundi? Well, it’s worth a try! Get a blend of sourness and sweetness.
  • Tomato Kasundi Chutney: Add a succulent flavour to your food list now! Two ingredients tomatoes and Mustard Kasundi when blended together give a strong flavour.
  • Kasundi Bhindi: Are you a bhindi and kasundi lover? How about merging them together while cooking? The two ingredients taste amazing when cooked and look presentable while serving the guests.

Mustard Kasundi has various health benefits and above all, it gives a unique taste.  The yellow kasundi is the most popular sauce used in traditional Bengali cuisine. According to Ayurveda, Mustard Kasundi has been known to bring benefits to your health. For those having congestion in the lungs, or for those wanting to improve their metabolism. This condiment can do wonders!

Kasundi – Traditional v/s modern

The term Kasundi was actually used for a type of achar/pickle and was not necessarily only the sauce that we know it as today. (‘Achar’ comes from achaar, meaning ritual). And Kasundi was the king of all pickles in Bengal. The kasundi was stored under certain conditions and this trend has been followed from ancient times.

Today, Mustard Kasundi has been used in many dishes like sandwiches, burgers, gravies etc. and it’s definitely a must-have sauce in everybody’s kitchen. Add some spunk to your taste buds. This lovely blend of spices in the mustard sauce makes your boring food taste interesting!


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