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Rajasthani Papad Collection by DNV

Rajasthani papad

Range Of Flavoursome and Authentic Papad

Papads have been traditionally served as accomplishments with our Indian meal and for some of us, it’s the best part of our meal too. These super addictive, disc-shaped thin, and crunchy papadums have really won our hearts over the period of time with their extensive varieties, flavors, and forms. And we would love to tell you that DNV Foods is one of the few companies in India that provides an extensive range of more than 17 varieties of papads.

Our premium range of papads is specially made in Bikaner, which is also known as the land of papad origin. With zero artificial flavors, natural extract of the ingredients, 100% natural and healthy combinations bring out the authentic taste and keep the health quotient intact. This might amaze you, but our Papads DNV are completely authentic and are gluten-free, high-fiber, and low on calories.

While papads are most commonly served with meals, they can also be transformed to create delightful snacks and munchies. To give you a quick glimpse of our range, today we thought of listing down our favorite varieties which are made with high-quality Urad Dal and Moong Daal. While the core ingredient remains the same, the add-on ingredients do their magic by bringing in the spicy, minty, shahi, and many more tongue-tickling flavors with each type.

DNV Foods Disco Papad:

A perfect snack for your tea-time when you are just in the mood to munch onto something crunchy! Made in our special manufacturing unit of Bikaner, the small round shape of Disco Papadis sure to lift you up from your seat. Top it up with pudina chutney and you will simply have it daily (until you get too bored of the same flavor :P).

DNV Foods D’Lite Masala Papad:

Mildly spicy with black pepper and a tinge of hing is definitely a delight for your taste buds. The blend of these ingredients in the right proportion is assorted carefully to present you with the D’Lite Masala Papad. Relish this papad with your friends and family and have some lite conversations!

DNV Foods Shahi Masala Papad:

Let us take you on a shahi trip of ingredients that go into the making of this delectable Shahi Masala Papad. Javitri and Jaiphal are some of the premium spices found in the country and with such rich ingredients further combined with our ayurvedic ingredients, jeera and black pepper are completely full of flavor and sure to leave you wanting to have it more and more. Do you want to impress your house guests or act as a food connoisseur amongst your friends with great snacks? Then DNV Foods Shahi Masala Papad is your answer!

DNV Foods Punjabi Masala Papad:

Are you the 🌶️🌶️ type? Stock up packets of Punjabi Masala Papad without thinking twice! A combination of Urad Dal and Hing with large quantities of black pepper makes it fiery and super spicy. You want to get the best taste then try it roasted. Munch on as it is or makes yummy Papad Churi by crushing the roasted papad and adding some of your favorite spices and dressings!

DNV Foods Special Masala Papad:

If you are the one who is typically full of drama, then this is the flavor for you! A handful amount of black pepper, add-on of hing for the perfect flavor and natural ingredients extract is loaded with drama and comes to you as a Special Masala Papad. Top it up with a heavenly combination of curd, pudina chutney, or schezwan chutney.

DNV Foods Classic Plain & Masala Papad:

This is a no-brainer. The classic ones, that all of us were first introduced to by our grandmothers and mothers – in fact, some of us have also at some point in our childhood rolled the papad dough, struggled to make the perfect circle, neatly organized them to dry under the sun, and lastly carefully filling them into the dabbas without breaking a single one. Phew! Our DNV Foods Classic Plain Papad and Masala Papad are definitely a trip down memory lane, made with the same love and pure ingredients to provide you the goodness of health and good ol’ days. Have it fried or roasted, these ones will only leave you with good memories.

Do we know by now you must be wondering which other flavors can possibly exist? But, here’s the secret – there’s more!

And what’s more, is that they are way more awesome because you can transform them into tasty snacks altogether and calm your craving with lip-smacking combinations. The most common ones that you must have tried would be masala papad with a topping of onion, tomatoes, chilies, coriander, and some chat masala – we would say that’s classic! Experiment with some exciting ones like – Papad Poha, Papad Salad, Papad Potato Roll, Papad Kurkere, Papad Chat, Papad Cones stuffed with paneer/cheese/veggies, Spring Papad Rolls, and many more. We are not kidding; they are as simple to make as simple they sound.😃

Tell us which ones among these are your favorites? 🤤

Now, stop drooling and start ordering! Here’s the link to our extensive range of premium papads

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